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 Welcome To the OT 4 Kids Web Site!

Our team of experienced therapists are committed to helping your child be successful. We provide multi-sensory therapy based sessions in a sensory rich environment, which includes swinging, spinning, climbing, bouncing, and many other activities.
Our new clinic has a sensory calming room if your child needs help regulating to gain the most benefit from his therapy session. We also include oral motor and tactile therapies as well. All of this will seem like one big play date between the therapist and your child.
Our experience has proven that fostering awareness, and educating our parents and caregivers greatly enhances the opportunity for the most successful outcome for the child. Parents, teachers and caregivers have a multitude of opportunities throughout the day to challenge a child's sensory profile. Awareness of these challenges is the first step to helping your child. 
Intervention is provided in two ways to achieve the greatest improvement in your child's future.
1. Providing direct occupational therapy intervention.
2. Educating parents and caregivers to provide a therapeutic environment that provides the best opportunity for success.
The therapy staff of OT4Kids has over four decades of combined professional experience. Our focus is on helping children develop their ability to function in their environment by improving sensory based behaviors and motor skills including, fine motor and oral motor skills.
Our therapists and assistants have extensive training in the following areas:
- Sensory Integration Dysfunctions
- Beckman Oral Motor Assessments and Interventions
- Feeding Dysfunctions
- Neuro-developmental Treatments
- Floortime Strategies for Autism 
- Downs Syndrome
... And many other issues, contact us if you would like to know more.
OT 4 Kids was established in 1999, in Lexington North Carolina. Providing care in the natural environment was supplemented with the first OT4Kids clinic in 2005. 
Our goal is to help as many children as possible and practical. We handle the billing to your insurance providers, including Medicaid. In an effort to make our client relationships as hassle-free as possible, our billing staff will follow through with your primary or secondary insurance. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis to overcome any insurance or billing challenges. Click on our links to learn more.